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Giving back to the MPI community.
 Advancing the meeting and event industry. 

The MPI Foundation is a non-profit organization that fuels the advancement of MPI members by providing them professional development and career opportunities through grants and scholarships. The MPI Foundation also propels the meeting and event industry forward by funding innovative research and pan-industry initiatives that support the strategic plan of MPI.


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Career Development

The MPI Foundation serves as a launch pad for our members, offering a network of job, leadership and professional development opportunities.


The MPI Foundation's scholarship programs offer educational and career opportunities that propel our members and the industry forward. See available scholarships & grants


The MPI Foundation builds partnerships to inspire idea exchanges and to develop professional tools and research that enriches our industry.


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 Helping MPI Members When They Need it Most

The MPI Foundation lifts up and supports the careers of MPI members who cannot do so on their own. Career transitions, dealing with tight budgets or falling on hard times are all realities that can happen to any of us, and the MPI Foundation is here to provide opportunities to members in need through grants and scholarships.



"I cannot thank the MPI Foundation enough for granting me a full scholarship for the CMM program. My dream became a reality, and I was able to grow both personally and professionally."


"I love being surrounded with other planners who understand me, and I made some forever friends that i seek advice from years to come. I am so thankful for the scholarships to attend WEC17."



"Since I earned an MPI membership Scholarship, I have made key connections with potential clients and a renewed peer group. I see 2017 as being my best year yet due to the relationships I have formed."


How the MPI Foundation Gave Back in 2016



MPI Chapter Grants Awarded


Increase in Chapter Grants Awarded Over 2015



MPI Scholarships Awarded


Increase in Scholarships Awarded Over 2015

Your MPI Foundation at Work:
HB Cares Autism Work Experience Project

In its fifth year, the HB Cares Autism Work Experience Project provided opportunities for young adults with autism to gain valuable experience in the meeting industry. Funds contributed by the MPI Foundation support the delivery of employment training and counseling, as well as support for the hotels who host work placements.  



What's the relationship between MPI and the MPI Foundation?

MPI’s heart and strength is in its members; the members who continually share with each other their knowledge and their passion for connecting people through meetings and events, and creating spaces for people to gather together and drive solutions. If MPI’s heart is its members, the MPI Foundation exists to make that heart beat even stronger. Through funding and support, the MPI Foundation helps individuals within the MPI community by creating access to scholarships and grants and industry-leading research.

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Darren Temple
Executive Vice President, MPI Foundation

Rachel Schelter
Volunteer Experience Coordinator 

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