Going Local Certificate Program


About the Course

The Going Local certificate course is designed for meeting planners who intend to meet the needs and desires of their attendees who want to learn more or incorporate elements from the destinations where their meetings take place. It is ideal for organizations involved in hosting, organizing or planning a meeting or event for themselves or others. Going Local is applicable to any organizational meeting from board meetings and training sessions to annual conferences and global conventions.

What You'll Learn

  • Define what it means to “go local.
  • Explain the benefits of going local for meeting outcomes and business objectives.
  • Describe the business, environmental and social case for going local.
  • Recognize how to successfully incorporate local supply chains.
  • Share a “go local” roadmap for their events in the areas of environment, food and beverage, culture, community and thought leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I or my company participate in the Going Local certificate program?

The Going Local: A Roadmap for Inspiring Sense of Place certificate represents that your planning practices incorporate the importance of the local environment, food and beverage, culture, community and thought leadership at your events, and that you have a roadmap for implementing these elements across your event and your event portfolio. Participation assures:

  • Credibility as one who is knowledgeable in local ideologies, communities, environments and industries
  • Competitive advantage by demonstrating the power of place
  • Reputation as a supporter of local efforts Recognized leadership by example
  • Ability to immediately implement a “going local” planning system

Do I need prior knowledge and experience in going local?

No. The course provides the education on how to incorporate sense of place as it relates to meeting and event planning.

How much time do I have to be away from the office?

You may enjoy flexibility in attending the class. The Going Local class is designed for working adults and can be completed within the three-hour session. In addition, students will receive a participant manual that helps them create their ongoing roadmaps. Going Local is offered at several industry conferences throughout the year.

What is the format of the class?

The class is a three-hour session. The class will be led by trained and experienced faculty and will include interactive activities.

How do I receive a Going Local certificate?

The certificate will be awarded to participants upon completion of the course and post-course requirements. MPI will send the Going Local to each person who completes the course.

Can my MPI Chapter hold the Going Local certificate?

Yes, MPI chapters are encouraged to offer the Going Local course in conjunction with other chapter events and should submit their preferred dates to the MPI Academy at MPIAcademy@mpiweb.org.

Are there specific organizations that would benefit from the certificate?

All organizations that hold their own meetings and events should implement sense of place and local event policies and procedures. In addition, any organization that organizes, hosts or plans meetings and events for others should understand how to help planners create these experiences for their attendees.

  • Organizations of all types
  • Fundraising Organizations
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Business Consulting Organizations
  • Entertainment and Special Events Organizers
  • NGOs
  • Associations
  • Societies
  • Government Agencies
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Museums

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